I'm Erin, but everyone calls me Red and that's just fine with me.

I'm a certified VLCE and Vegan Nutrition Specialist, public speaker, writer, consultant, kitchen wrangler, problem solver, rabble-rouser, jet-setter, and host of the popular vegan podcast Red Radio. I also co-founded The Seed in 2012, and continue to organize events across North America.

By night I'm a muay Thai practitioner, runner, Bikram Yogini, and tattoo enthusiast. Brooklyn is home, but I hail from Toronto, Canada, and I'm currently on the road.

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EP17: Girl Talk with Melisser Elliott & The 2012 NYCVFF Recap!

You guys, I had WAY too much fun recording Red Radio Episode Seventeen!  Melisser Elliott and I discovered we were the same person!  Seriously!  Have you ever seen us both in the same place at the same time?


For real, though, the gal’s a gem.  And she knows a bunch of stuff.  And she likes Morrissey.  Also in EP17, I review the 2012 NYCVFF in delicious detail.  Seriously drool worthy.  Check it!

In Episode Seventeen, Erin Red makes a new BFF in superstar blogger, author (A Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life), master baker, makeup maven, and award-winning vegan Wonder Woman Melisser Elliott!  In this intimate interview, the gals examine the super important stuff including (vegan) baking, (grocery) shopping, (booty) dancing, (cruelty-free) makeup and (vegetarian) Morrissey! Also featured in EP17: A delicious review of The 2012 New York City Vegetarian Food Festival, booth by scrumptious booth.  Drool!  Remember:  Red Radio is 100% listener supported!  Please consider donating by visiting Erin Red and Red Radio at erinred.com and clicking the DONATE button!  You can also read her blog at erinred.tumblr.com, and find her on Facebook and Twitter @erinred.

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The show notes will be extensive, so they’ll likely go up tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

xo Erin Red