My name is Erin, but everyone calls me Red and that's just fine with me.

I'm a certified VLCE and Vegan Nutrition Specialist, fitness professional, public speaker, writer, consultant, kitchen wrangler, problem solver, host of the popular vegan podcast Red Radio, and right-hand-woman to vegan Wunderkind Chef Jay Astafa. I also co-founded The Seed in 2012, and continue to organize events across North America.

By night I'm a muay Thai practitioner, runner, Bikram Yogini, and tattoo collector. I share my pad with a vegan human, a vegan dog, and two carnivorous cats… all rescued. I hail from Toronto, Canada but Brooklyn, NYC is home.

I hustle. Hard.

Try to keep up.


EP63: Redefining Radical with Author and Activist Rory Freedman!


Can you even deal with the scrumptiousness??  I’m having a hard time, to tell you the truth.  That’s author and activist Rory Freedman up there, with her three delicious pups (L to R) Timber, Lucy and Joey.  Vegan or not, I can barely stop myself from devouring them all, Rory included. 

I had a really incredible conversation with Rory Freedman in Red Radio Episode Sixty Three; we touched on all sorts of titillating topics and learned about Rory’s winding road to activism and vegan advocacy.  Her brand new book, Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals, is available everywhere and I can’t recommend it enough - grab a copy to enjoy yourself, and pick a few more up for the animal lovers in your life… this is the kind of book that can change hearts and minds in the most charming of ways.  


Plus, I reveal a bevy of big news about the future of Red Radio… big things are happening, folks, and I’m so excited to have you along for the ride!  Everything’s coming up hummus. 

Red Radio Episode Sixty Three blows the roof off the place!  Join author, vegan advocate and animal superhero Rory Freedman for a candid and revealing discussion about her epic life changes, her three canine fur babies, and her brand new book Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals.  Plus, Erin Red does some revealing of her own with MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS about the future of Red Radio, and continues her love/hate relationship with PETA.  Can you handle it?!  Please consider supporting Red Radio by visiting Erin Red’s home base and clicking on ‘Support the Show’, and make sure to subscribe to Red Radio on iTunes (or your favorite podcatcher) today!  If you love what you hear, leave a glowing review with five sparkly stars, or drop Erin Red a line at and speak your truth!  Don’t feel connected?  Follow Erin Red on Twitter (@erinred) and Like her on Facebook (/erinred)!

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Only one more EP until we get regular, y’all…

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EP40: Erin Red Welcomes Vegan Mafia Don Simone Reyes!

Uhhhh…. holy crap.  I interviewed Simone Reyes.  And it was one of those interviews that charged my vegan batteries BIG TIME - like after it was over I was in the mood to go picket something or demonstrate somewhere or bake a bunch of delicious vegan cookies and shove them down some omnivore’s throat.  Yeah, it was THAT AWESOME. 

And for the record, we DID touch on the PETA thing.  Kinda apropos, because I’d just spoken about it with Ryan Patey in Red Radio EP39… and talk about different points of view!  For those of you who noticed that I seem to be waffling on the subject, well… I am.  Why?  Because I’m truly conflicted.  I have a rough time grilling people on the topic because every time I feel like I’ve secured a solid opinion, I dig a little deeper and find that I’m still quite undecided.  So, instead of pretending I know all the answers - SURPRISE!  I don’t! - I’d rather just continue to dissect the subject.  And dissect, I shall.  Keep your ears peeled.  

In the meantime, give Red Radio Episode Forty a listen!  And remember, I’m on hiatus this week (due to my trip to Toronto for the Vegetarian Food Festival) and will return to the web-waves on Monday, September 17th with EP41 - not to worry!

Erin Red is thrilled to welcome hardcore animal activist Simone Reyes to Red Radio in Episode Forty!  Longtime vegan, blogger, reality television star and personal assistant to Super Vegan (and Erin Red’s idol) Russell Simmons, Simone lays it on thick while discussing some very powerful topics.  From her humble beginnings running around New York City with the Beastie Boys to her very public demonstrations for PETA, listen in on what makes this brave activist tick and refuel your vegan engines!  Plus, Erin Red weighs in on veganism as it relates to yoga – can you be an Omni Yogi? (Hell naw!)  Please consider supporting Red Radio by visiting and clicking the DONATE button, and subscribe to Red Radio on iTunes today!  If you love what you hear, leave a glowing review, or drop Erin Red a line at  You can also read her blog at, and find her on Facebook and Twitter @erinred.

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Next up - a show notes extravaganza!  Yeehaw!

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EP39: Shootin’ the T.O.F.U. with Ryan Patey!

Well hey there dear friends and listeners, and friends who are listeners!  I’m finally catching up on some of these blogs - I know I say it often, but my schedule just keeps getting crazier and crazier, and it’s every minute that goes by it’s harder to manage my time.  I’m going to have to figure out a way to create an extra day in the week so I can get all these backed up things finished.  For real!  

Enough bitching - it’s kind of awesome that I’m blogging about Red Radio Episode Thirty Nine right now, because I’m sitting at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, waiting to fly back to NYC.  Sufficed to say, Canadians are pretty fantastic people.  Don’t believe me? Take a listen!  Ryan Patey will knock your socks off!  Srsly!

Grab a cup of (fair trade, almond milk) Hot Cocoa, put on your favorite (wool-free) flannel pajamas, hit mute on the hockey game, and tune into Red Radio Episode Thirty Nine!  Listen in as Erin Red has an in-depth, casual conversation with Ryan Patey of T.O.F.U. Magazine, everyone’s favorite digital vegan periodical.  Ryan and Red talk music, activism, feline YouTube sensations, PETA, authentic Canadiana, and much, much more – you’ll be all aboot it!  …and don’t pretend you’re not singing along with the outdo song.  Please consider supporting Red Radio by visiting and clicking the DONATE button, and subscribe to Red Radio on iTunes today!  If you love what you hear, leave a glowing review, or drop Erin Red a line at  You can also read her blog at, and find her on Facebook and Twitter @erinred.
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