I'm Erin, but everyone calls me Red and that's just fine with me.

I'm a certified VLCE and Vegan Nutrition Specialist, public speaker, writer, consultant, kitchen wrangler, problem solver, rabble-rouser, jet-setter, and host of the popular vegan podcast Red Radio. I also co-founded The Seed in 2012, and continue to organize events across North America.

By night I'm a muay Thai practitioner, runner, Bikram Yogini, and tattoo enthusiast. Brooklyn is home, but I hail from Toronto, Canada, and I'm currently on the road.

Try to keep up.


EP25: Erin Red Reveals All!

You think you know…but you have no idea. 

My audience demands it, and I supply it.  That’s how I roll over here at Red Radio.  Y’all wanted to hear about my bizarre, wayward journey to veganism, fitness and self- worth and that’s exactly what you get (plus WAY more) in Red Radio Episode Twenty-Five!  

Fun Fact:  I was 25 when I went vegan!  Coincidence, right?  Nah, I don’t believe in those. 

You asked for it, you got it!  In a very special Episode Twenty Five, Erin Red reveals her story; specifically her own personal journey to becoming vegan as well as her complicated history with weight loss, fitness, and self esteem.  Tune in to hear everything you ever wanted to know (and probably some things you didn’t) about how and why going vegan was the best choice Erin Red ever made.  Plus, in the Compassionate Clip of the Week, we feature the keynote speaker from The Seed: A Vegan Experience – Dr. Joel Fuhrman!  Remember:  Red Radio is 100% listener supported!  Please consider donating by visiting Erin Red and Red Radio at erinred.com and clicking the DONATE button!  You can also read her blog at erinred.tumblr.com, and find her on Facebook and Twitter @erinred.

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Show notes comin’ atcha in a couple of days, m’kay?

xo Erin Red