I'm Erin, but everyone calls me Red and that's just fine with me.

I'm a certified VLCE and Vegan Nutrition Specialist, public speaker, writer, consultant, kitchen wrangler, problem solver, rabble-rouser, jet-setter, and host of the popular vegan podcast Red Radio. I also co-founded The Seed in 2012, and continue to organize events across North America.

By night I'm a muay Thai practitioner, runner, Bikram Yogini, and tattoo enthusiast. Brooklyn is home, but I hail from Toronto, Canada, and I'm currently on the road.

Try to keep up.


EP45: The Barbi Twins Get Active!

OK, so 3 weeks or so ago, I sent out a tweet to The Barbi Twins.  I was all, “Hey ladies, would love to have you on my podcast!”  Lo and behold, not 24 hours later, a direct message showed up on my account from the Twins… and the rest, as they say, is history!

I was so thrilled to have the chance to speak to Shane and Sia in Red Radio Episode Forty Five - of course they’re hilarious, spontaneous, and definitely out there… but their passion for helping animals and speaking out for the vegan lifestyle comes through crystal clear.  I have a lot of respect for celebrities who use their ‘powers’ for good, and that’s just what the girls are up to.  More power to ‘em!

You think you know, but you have no idea:  Erin Red welcomes animal activists extraordinaire Shane & Sia Barbi (better known as The Barbi Twins) to talk veganism, animal rights, grassroots activism and so much more in Red Radio Episode Forty Five!  Giggle along with the ladies while they use their 7 & 1/2 minutes (each) of fame to speak up on behalf of the animals.  Plus, Erin Red Raves about her favorite vegan lip balm, and a Compassionate Clip featuring Steve-O!  ROCK ON!  Please consider supporting Red Radio by visiting erinred.com and clicking the DONATE button, and subscribe to Red Radio on iTunes today!  If you love what you hear, leave a glowing review, or drop Erin Red a line at erinredradio@gmail.com.  You can also read her blog at erinred.tumblr.com, and find her on Facebook and Twitter @erinred.

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Show notes will go up before the end of the day tomorrow, mkay?

xo Erin Red

EP11: Welcome Vegan Celebrity & Entertainment Reporter Laura Yaz!

Hey Lovers!

Another amazing episode coming your way via the endless gabbing between my new vegan celebrity and entertainment correspondent, Laura Yaz!  We love her!  After I bark about the bear costume epidemic in NYC, and share an amazing Compassionate Clip of the week, you can tune in to hear Laura and I yuk it up about the latest in Vegan Gossip!  It’s TOTALLY HOT YOU GUYS!

There are some sound glitches nearing the end of the interview that I didn’t catch before editing and posting - my bad! - but they’re not too crazy and our hilarity shines right through.  Check it!

Episode Eleven brings us the first installation of the new Vegan Celebrity and Entertainment segment with Fresh Veggie Laura Yasinitsky!  Laura catches us up on the latest vegan gossip after a lively introductory interview with Erin Red.  Find her on Twitter @larayaz!  Plus, some big announcements and a tearjerking Compassionate Clip of the Week!  Remember:  Red Radio is 100% listener supported!  Please consider donating by visiting Erin Red and Red Radio at erinred.com, read her blog at erinred.tumblr.com, and find her on Facebook and Twitter @erinred.

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Show notes and Laura’s Fresh Veggies interview to be posted tomorrow!
xo Erin Red