I'm Erin, but everyone calls me Red and that's just fine with me.

I'm a certified VLCE and Vegan Nutrition Specialist, public speaker, writer, consultant, kitchen wrangler, problem solver, rabble-rouser, jet-setter, and host of the popular vegan podcast Red Radio. I also co-founded The Seed in 2012, and continue to organize events across North America.

By night I'm a muay Thai practitioner, runner, Bikram Yogini, and tattoo enthusiast. Brooklyn is home, but I hail from Toronto, Canada, and I'm currently on the road.

Try to keep up.


Sweet Baby, Yease Us!

My first experience with The Infamous Mac n’ Yease was back in April of 2011, at the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival, where Chef Ayinde was serving paper-cups full to droves of festival goers at five bucks a pop.  After my first bite, I immediately knew what all the fuss was about - this stuff was straight up ridiculous.  A rich, cheesy, hearty traditional baked pasta with a certain extra sumthin’ sumthin’ I couldn’t quite figure out… my mom made a MEAN baked mac ‘n cheese growing up, and (sorry mom) this stuff put every other mac - vegan or otherwise - to shame.  A swarm soon developed, and I was able to scarf down two cups before the Mac disappeared altogether, but the secret was out - this Chef Ayinde fellow had something major going on here, and we all wanted more.  By the truckload.

Well, folks - the time has come.  That’s right; Chef Ayinde Howell, culinary BAWSE and founder of ieatgrass.com, has spent the last year traveling all over North America as Soul/R&B artist India Arie’s personal chef and he’s ready to plant his feet on the ground in sunny California with an exciting new venture.  Enter MAC TRUCK LA, a funky new food truck based in Los Angeles, serving an entirely vegan and gluten-free menu, including THREE VARIETIES of Yease:  Original, Balsamic Truffle and Buffalo Mac, as well as (OMG) a “Brooklyn Waffle Brunch” featuring a healthy portion of Mac.  Carbs and cheese and comfort, oh my!  

Here’s what the Chef himself has to say about his acclaimed recipe:

My great Grandmother Mary Fluker from St Stephens Alabama used to make baked Mac & Cheese for my father and his family on Sundays for dinner. After going vegan, my father missed the Mac so much he tried to reinvent it. He experimented, a lot. Eventually, it filtered through my mother and sisters, and then it became a staple. I got a hold of the recipe, tweaked it then sold it by the bucket in my first cafe, Hillside Quickies Vegan Sandwich Shop. I took it on the road with me when I moved to NYC, featured it in my pop-up restaurants, and now it’s my go-to dish.”

Sounds amazing, right?  You’re totally excited!  Here’s the thing, though:  Chef Ayinde needs YOUR HELP to get this Mac on the road.  Through the magic of Kickstarter, you can support this amazing endeavor AND get your hands (and tastebuds) on some pretty spectacular thank-you goodies to boot.  From Twitter Kudos and t-shirts to cookbooks and free Yease… even a personal chef experience with the man himself… this is clearly a win-win.  Reap those rewards, people!

Still not convinced?  Fine - don’t listen to me; listen to Pop Superstar Janelle Monae.  She knows what’s up. 

xo Erin Red

VeganCuts Snack Box March 2013!


If you listen to Red Radio, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I’m confident that you’ve heard me rave about vegan coupon site VeganCuts more than once.  I’m more than a return customer… I’m an obsessed customer.  I probably shop on their gorgeous and user-friendly website about twice a month (I’m being modest), and the rewards are incredible.  I’ve discovered amazing new vegan products, picked up a few cute shirts for my vegan message wear collection, bought some of my favorite products in bulk when they appear on the site, and so much more.  

Jill and John, VeganCuts’ charming and friendly co-founders, run a tight ship - I’ve experienced some of the best and most prompt customer service of my life through their glorious website.  Aside from the absolutely mind-blowing regular offers, VeganCuts launched their monthly snack box last year, and not surprisingly, it’s been a massive success.  Think about it: for less than twenty smackers each, you get a box delivered to your doorstep (or have it sent to work to make everyone super jealous!) every. single. month.  Add to that the element of surprise - you get a whole new batch of goodies each time - and it’s a certified no-brainer. 

Seriously, it seems like the only thing I ever get in the mail anymore are flyers from my local pizza joint and, well, bills.  VeganCuts Snack Box to the rescue!  

The neatly packed box of goodies for March 2013 contained the following:

Though I’m pretty up-to-the-minute as far as new vegan products go, I was really pleased to see that the majority of the items in the snack box were brand new to me.  I’ve been a fan of Sjaak’s for a long time, and the Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs are a staple in my apartment (holy crap, they’re delicious)… but I was a total snack-virgin as far as the rest went.  

I haven’t yet tried the Beyond Eggs - though I plan to make some of Dreena Burton's yummy cookies soon enough - and the Spirulina Ballerina bar from Barre is still in my backpack for a post-workout snack one of these days… but everything else has already, uh, passed through my system, so to speak.  I already knew how amazing the Earth Balance cheese puffs were, so no epic surprise there.  The sweet scrubby stuff from NYL Skincare made my hands feel as soft as a piglet's butt.  The dark chocolate sample from Equal Exchange and the egg from Sjaak's were pretty much gone as soon as I snapped the above photo.  Flamous' falafel chips were yummy (but far yummier dipped in hummus), and HOLY SWEET GOD the Cocomo Joe's Caramel Corn was downright romantic.  I gotta pick myself up some more of that delicious stuff with the latest VeganCuts Deal, for REAL.

And that leaves one final goodie:  The Celebrate bar from Eli’s Earth Bars. Now, I’ve seen these things pop up around vegan circles and blogs and the like, but it was my first experience with an Eli’s bar… and let me just tell you, I was in chocolatey-caramel-HEAVEN.  Seriously, I’m simultaneously ecstatic and terrified by my knowledge of their existence.  Because now all I ever want to do is eat them.  All of them.  Creamy, milky-chocolate surrounding a thick portion of to-LIVE-for coconut caramel and perfectly toasted almonds, which add the perfect nutty crunch to an otherwise stick-to-your-teef romantic experience.  I’m head over heels in love, and I’ve already tweeted VeganCuts, begging them to feature them in their next big deal.  EPIC YUM.

Sufficed to say, opening my mailbox to the VeganCuts Snack Box is a far cry from my electric bill… and my tastebuds concur.  If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate.  You might just discover your favorite new vegan product.  And while you’re at it, they make the perfect gift that keeps on giving! 

Click the VeganCuts Logo below to order your subscription today!


xo Erin Red

EP17 Show Notes!

OK, seriously…this is gonna be the longest show notes ever.  Because I’m mad diligent.  Because Red Radio EP17 was TUBULAR. And because I don’t want ANY of you to miss even ONE LITTLE TIDBIT of info.  Not even one!  And dudes, you better try every single one of these food vendors, too.  Because OMG THEY’RE DELICIOUS FOR REAL.  

Come to think of it, so is Melisser Elliott.  JUST SAYIN’.

Here we go!


MELISSER ELLIOT (my vegan twin)

WHEW…that should about do it for this week’s show notes.  Get to clickin’!

xo Erin Red